Mayfair Trust Company requires that all services be paid for upon the provision of services to the client. The client will be issued an invoice showing services that will be provided and payment is due upon receipt as Mayfair goes to work immediately for the client.

Mayfair reserves the right to offer special promotional discounts and promotional payment options that are not available at all times. Clients granted special payment privileges must honor the agreement or the payment plan will be removed and the total remaining balance will be due immediately.

Mayfair clients are responsible for their personal bank’s wire fees. Clients that choose to pay with a credit card will be charged a fee of 3 percent for each credit card transaction.

Payments more than 10 days late will incur a late fee of 10 percent. Payments more than 20 days late will incur a late fee of 20 percent. Payments 30 days late and beyond will be charged a 30 percent late fee. Delinquent accounts will not be allowed to go past 60 days.

If payment is late that will mean registering your yearly company will be late and will not gain a certificate of good standing. If payments aren’t received by day 50 then Mayfair will be bound to report to the international registry and relevant banks. The client will lose their company and company bank account.

Mayfair reserves the right to decline services for any reason.

If a client decides to terminate services with Mayfair: the client will need to provide this in writing to Mayfair Trust Company. The client will then be billed for services rendered thus far by Mayfair and charged an additional termination fee of 150.00.

All services that Mayfair has performed on behalf of each client is charged either in plans, individual services, or charged by the hour. Whether termination is initiated by the client or by Mayfair; services will be charged and fees collected for work already done. In some instances, there may be a need for a partial refund to the client.

All refunds will be given by US bank draft after a 5-day processing period.