All clients of Mayfair are solely responsible for compliance with the tax and other laws of any country other than Belize. Mayfair Trust Company Limited is a Belize licensed trust company and all of its Services are valid under Belizean law. Other than this representation, Mayfair makes no other representations as to the legality or enforceability of any documents it may provide a client or Services it may perform for a client.

Mayfair advises all clients with reporting obligations outside of Belize that these obligations are solely the responsibility of the client and not Mayfair.

Mayfair advises that all of its clients who are United States Citizens that they must on an annual basis properly report all offshore asset protection, offshore companies, and activity to various State and Federal agencies including the Internal Revenue Service and Unites States Treasury Department in accordance with the then-current rules. All tax returns and any other compliance required outside of the country of Belize by clients of Mayfair shall be and remain the sole responsibility of the client and not Mayfair.

Mayfair reserves the right to charge any fees which Mayfair deems appropriate for services and to change fees at any time. Mayfair is not bound by the pricing on the website and rates may be adjusted as the company sees fit and for any reason.

Mayfair in its sole discretion reserves the right to either approve or decline to serve potential clients in its sole discretion. Potential clients who request Service and pay a deposit will receive a full no questions asked refund of such deposit if Mayfair declines to accept the client.

Mayfair provides trustee and company formation services on an annual basis. Any client paying monthly installment payments acknowledges that the commitment is on an annual basis and Mayfair will eliminate the ability for clients to have a monthly payment privilege if the clients default payments.

The client agrees to remain strictly current on all fees due to Mayfair. The client is responsible for bank wire fees incurred at their banking institution and all credit card payments will be charged a credit card usage fee of 3.5 percent per charge. Payments more than 10 days late will be increased by 10 percent as a collection surcharge. All payments more than 30 days late will be increased by 30 percent as a collection surcharge.

If a client does not pay the annual fee by the due date or maintain current monthly payments, the client’s company (trust, LLC or IBC) will lose its good standing and if yearly fees are more than 30 days late, the company will be struck off the international registry. Non-renewed companies may not conduct any business thereafter. Please be aware, the fact that a company is struck off the Register does not prevent the company from incurring liabilities, or any creditors from making a claim against the company, and does not affect the liability of any of its members, directors, and officers. Mayfair reserves the right to refuse to render further Services to delinquent clients and to collect funds using all legal means necessary and available from all clients that have delinquent standing accounts. Mayfair is bound by Belizean law to report delinquent accounts to the international registry and the relevant international bank if any.

Mayfair utilizes outside companies for marketing, client education, and processing credit card payments. Mayfair is not responsible for the content on these other sites and does not necessarily endorse any of these sites. Please take note that your credit card statement will reflect the merchant accounts of the merchant processors, which Mayfair has contracted.


Mayfair does not guarantee that you will never be sued or have creditors attempt to obtain your assets. Mayfair is not held liable for any litigation that may come against the client.

Mayfair Trust Company does not hold or use pass-through services for the client’s assets. Each client is responsible for establishing their own bank account or hiring Mayfair to assist them. Mayfair does not have access to the client’s bank account.

Mayfair discloses that it keeps records electronically according to Belize law. Original documents will be scanned for electronic storage by Mayfair and notarized copies will then be supplied upon request of the client. Mayfair also states that by the client agreeing to these terms that they may not dispute electronic document storage in court.

By agreeing, you are giving Mayfair full permission to begin providing services to you, the client, based upon your service needs. Mayfair will provide the services requested in a timely manner but do not guarantee any particular timeline unless you purchase expedited service.

Specific or unique payment or other terms may be required for some specific and specially tailored Services and the client and Mayfair shall enter into a separate fee agreement covering the unique terms for the special Services to be provided. This separate fee agreement shall supplement and not supersede these Terms of Service which are specifically incorporated as if set forth in full into such separate agreement.

If, after becoming a client of Mayfair you decide to cease services with Mayfair you must do so in a writing delivered to Mayfair. Mayfair will retain fees for services provided a client up to the point of the client changing their mind. Mayfair will also retain a processing fee of 150.00 per client in order to close out the client’s files and documents.

Mayfair provides each client with one courtesy shipment of documents utilizing international priority shipping. After that, it is the sole discretion of Mayfair to determine if they will cover additional shipping costs. If packages are returned the client will be responsible for those fees in addition to the re-shipping fees of Mayfair Trust Company. This will incur a new minimum charge of 200.00 to the client and is payable before Mayfair re-ships documents.