Several reasons to use Mayfair Trust Company for your asset protection needs:

  • Streamlines the process for you to set up an Asset Protection Plan in Belize.
  • Always keeps YOU in control of your assets.
  • Gives you the absolute best customer service and provides you with peace of mind at a truly affordable rate.

We serve individuals, private entrepreneurs, professionals, consultants, accountants and legal advisors worldwide. Mayfair was founded on the principle that asset protection should not only be a simple, and straightforward experience…it should also be enjoyable. Rather than offering an endless array of complicated services, we focus on just a few solid services and on being the best at doing so.

Mayfair is focused on providing you with the highest level of customer service and establishing your plan(s) in a friendly, prompt, and efficient manner. Our focus to be the best company in the field has already earned us a reputation for having the happiest clients on the planet!

While Mayfair may be a newer company in comparison, we were formed specifically to meet client demand for simpler, more personal asset protection services. We have intentionally chosen not to get caught up in the mainstream style trust companies, those who try to be all things to all people. Instead we have set our focus on streamlining what we offer in asset protection and being the absolute best out there!

We put our efforts into doing one thing very well and that is “Helping You Protect Your Assets”.

Of course, Mayfair Trust Company is fully licensed and has satisfied all the requirements set in place by Belize government. A very difficult and strict process, to be sure. As a fully licensed trust company, we have all the capabilities of expanding what we offer to the public, but our current focus is to provide you with asset protection: trusts, LLC’s and IBC’s. Always feel free to ask us about any other service you are interested in.

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