The Belize International Business Company (IBC) is an optional “piece of the puzzle” you may be looking for to expand your offshore planning. Or maybe it is the missing piece you’ve been searching for?

The Belize IBC is a perfect corporate vehicle for:

  • Asset Protection
  • International financial transactions
  • Global business
  • International real estate transactions
  • International trade
  • Investment activities
  • Holding shares in other companies

The Belize International Business Company is specially designed with the offshore investor in mind and is completely exempt from Belize taxes. A Belize IBC may pursue specialized financial activities, like those of a trusted business, banking, insurance, and investment management, but it may need to obtain additional licensing specific to that trade. Unfortunately, the Belize IBC cannot conduct business or real estate transactions within Belize (but it may enter into business with other Belize IBCs).

Mayfair Trust will make the process of establishing your new Belize IBC as easy as possible for you. Our excellent customer service will do the hard part for you. All that is needed to get started is at least one shareholder and one director (who can be the same person) to form your new International Business Company along with the required Belize Registered Agent and Belize Registered Address. Mayfair has you covered there! Let us help you tailor your new IBC to fit your specific planning needs. With Mayfair Trust as your new service provider, you are sure to be pleased with our personal service that pays attention to every detail. After all, here at Mayfair, we consider our client’s family and we look forward to the long-term relationship in the years to come.

What if you have an IBC in another jurisdiction? No worries! We can assist you to re-domicile your foreign IBC to Belize so you can take advantage of the great legislation. In fact, we invite you to visit the Belize IBC Act to access first hand the advantages that set Belize ahead in the offshore world.

Please visit our IBC Rates page to get familiar with our fees and all the options available to you.

A Belize IBC is for all legal purposes a separate legal entity and possesses the same commercial rights and powers as a natural person.