The International bank account is a very crucial component of your asset protection structure and is how we keep you in control. Whether you open an account in Belize, in another jurisdiction, or both, it is important to do so as soon as you can. This will not only keep you in control of your assets but will enable you to fund your Trust or Foundation and manage your corporate entities.

Mayfair Trust Company will provide assistance and complete the bulk of the work through the application process to help you establish an international bank account in Belize or in any jurisdiction you choose. Mayfair has worked hard to streamline this process by saving you time and money, not to mention, we make it seem simple and easy for you!

This is a must-have service to ensure that you meet the requirements and standards of the international banks with great customer service to help get you there.

Aren’t ready to establish asset protection but would like the benefits of an offshore bank account?
No Problem! We have you covered. Check out our rates for a personal account.
Bank Account Rates

Mayfair does not guarantee that you will get a bank account, as we have no control over the banks decision. We only guarantee that we will complete the service for which we are paid and ensure that the banking institution of your choices receives proper and complete documentation. Be advised that any offshore bank has the right to ask potential account holders for additional information during the application process. Mayfair has no control over this aspect, nor do we have any knowledge beforehand, that the bank may make this request. We will continue to follow up with the bank until the process is complete to whatever end that may be.